vcnity shows you the most recent nearby happenings

You can authenticate with Foursquare and Facebook.

Center data from map.

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v·cnity - /vəˈsinətē/ - shows you the most recent nearby happenings by retrieving geolocated information from all over the internet

vcnity is currently able to access the data from these sources:

vcnity is currently a work in progress. Multiple new features and improvements are completed each week. If you see anything wrong, please shoot an e-mail to and you'll receive a prompt reply.

vcnity does not store or otherwise access any of your information without your permission. vcnity only asks for your permission to display information that you already have access to.

vcnity works best with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox - and then with the most recent versions of each.

vcnity was created by Richard Brooks as a project while a student with Grooveshark University. He is currently a 'starving college student' so any donations are greatly appreciated. Ad revenue doesn't pay the bills (yet).